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"Spiritual guidance for all forms of emotional issues during major life changes"


When we enter into new cycles within our lives, be they adulthood, marriage, parenthood, or the letting go of a loved one, we often don't quite know how to manage.  Things get on top of us  and we need help and support.


What I offer  is a safe and comfortable space, where you can be held and heard, and  in which you can explore your feelings  with  guidance and support finding a way through these stages and learning more about your truth and addressing your needs in the process.


At times of loss, times of change we can feel full of despair and depression and dont know where to go or what to do.

That same space which I have spoken of is the ground upon which you can share these feelings and move through them into hope and joy.  I often use guided meditation through which you can relax and find a sense of peace, teachingyou simple spiritual practices to take away with you.


As a member of the Interfaith Ministers Association I subscribe to a Code of Ethics which is all inclusive.  I am insured to offer spiritual counselling, ceremony, lead prayer and meditation groups and to offer healing to people who are sick and in emotional and physical pain.



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